Product of the Month of June: GRANDER® Energy Rods

For swimming pools, lakes, ponds, standing waters, wells, ... The GRANDER® Energy Rod Single and the GRANDER® Energy Rod Double are ideal for the use in (swimming) pools, lakes, ponds, standing waters, and the like, improving the quality of the water in all of these water bodies in a sustainable manner.

GRANDER® Energy Rods can not only be used for a revitalizing pre- or post-treatment of water from wells or water containers which are also revitalized in combination with an Inline Unit installed on a water main, they also do wonders for standing waters. Energy Rods sustainably revitalize the water in pools or ponds, maintaining its stability in a natural way. As a result, the use of chemical agents and, thus, the smell of chlorine can be significantly reduced. As you dive into the water, you experience that it feels softer on the skin, is gentle on your hair, and does not irritate the eyes. Pools become easier to clean so that all summer long, you can enjoy your pool with hardly any maintenance required.


Did you know...?

  • ... that GRANDER® Energy Rods run without electricity or any other agents and do not require service or maintenance?
  • ... that GRANDER® Energy Rods are made from V4A stainless steel?
  • ... that GRANDER® Energy Rods are fully refundable for three months from the purchase date?
  • ... that for Energy Rods purchased from 1 June to 31 July 2020, GRANDER® gifts each customer with six GRANDER® Drinking Glasses?
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Water is a cosmic matter."


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