New Aspects for Biology and Medicine

Is there new knowledge about the processes within the human cell through water bridges?

"The phenomenon of the water bridge can deliver completely new aspects for biology and medicine," explains Dipl. Ing. Johannes Larch, research leader for GRANDER®.

An exciting consideration is based on the knowledge that similar connections such as in the water bridge are present in human cells.  If one follows this consideration further, new cell mechanisms and characteristics can be derived from the knowledge taken from the water bridge.  Moreover, this could affect the transport of matter in and out of the cells and would completely revolutionize cell biology.

Perhaps new mechanisms for the absorption capability of nutrients and medication could even be derived from this?

How are such considerations made?

How does one conclude the similarities between the water bridge and cells?  The water bridge forms a highly electric field through the high tension.  The electric field is defined as the electric tension divided by the distance and is measured in volts per meter.

In the human cells there is a small electric tension between the interior and exterior of the cells and the cell membranes are very thin.  According to the formula (electric tension divided by the distance) a very high, electric field is achieved here, which explains the similarity between cells and the water bridge.

Water plays a very important role in the cell metabolism, in the cell division and in the protein folding.  It is possible that we gain completely new explanations and insight into the processes in the cells.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Nothing happens by accident.  It is also not an accident that people are bestowed life.  We are all meant to have a purpose, which we should fulfil."


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