Historic Mine Copperplate

Historic Mine Copperplate

An interesting trip in the past

The historic mine Copperplate - on GRANDER® company premise - is the only, active copper mine in Europe.  At the end of the 80's it was purchased by the Grander family and restored bit by bit with the help of many volunteers.  Tons of rubble and debris had to be removed by hand, the tunnels newly supported and secured as well as the air shaft for ventilation and fresh air supply had to be dug out.  On July 28th, 1990 the historic mine Copperplate was opened to the public with a festive celebration.

Since then, an excursion "by day" has been an exciting adventure for the entire family.

Protective helmets on, get in and we're off!  The trip into the past of Copperplate in Jochberg begins with a ride on the authentic mine railway into the interior of the mountain.  Visitors find out interesting things about the long history of Tyrolean mining - a thrilling and exciting ride.  Directly beside the entrance to the tunnels is a "By Day Knappenweg" with 10 interesting stations to visit.

Stephanie Spring

The Stephanie source originates from the shafts of the Copperplate mine.  In the early days of water revitalisation, Johann Grander got the water for his tests from a source at Pass Thurn near his hometown.  However, the water from this source couldn't be used after rainfalls, because the rainwater mixed with the source water and its properties were then changed.
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Everything on this earth is simply borrowed."


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