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Your customers, your employees, and your animals will enjoy GRANDER®

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Its fine, soft taste makes GRANDER® revitalized water a refreshing, enjoyable beverage. Also foods and dishes acquire a fuller, unadulterated taste when prepared with GRANDER® revitalized water. This is why GRANDER® is popular with both customers and employees. For your customers, GRANDER® is a special service setting you apart from other enterprises. It also creates additional value for your staff members, who will enjoy every glass of refreshing GRANDER® water. Also your animals and plants benefit from being watered with GRANDER®.

Baking with GRANDER®

Baked goods turn out much better with GRANDER® with regard to both taste and looks: doughs are fluffy and rise better, the pore structure becomes more even, and crusts are crispy. Moreover, GRANDER® revitalized water helps to bring out the aroma and bouquet of food and drinks.

Advantages of GRANDER® with regard to enjoyment and taste

  • elevates the original taste of food and drinks
  • brings out the aroma and bouquet of food and drinks
  • improves baking results (fluffy doughs, increased rising of doughs)
  • enhances the looks (crispy crust, uniform pore pattern) of baked goods
  • is appreciated and loved by employees
  • creates additional value for your customers and employees

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "If people only realized that earth is a living being, they would approach it very differently."


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