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Boost customer retention and your image with GRANDER®

Growth & Economic Benefits | Hospitality Industry / Spas / Sports / Health-Care Facilities Daniel Schäfer
Added value for your enterprise and your guests: GRANDER® water revitalization is a clear selling point for your guests, which improves your relations with existing customers and helps you access new target groups. By making top-notch GRANDER® water available to your guests, you show your appreciation for them. Your guests’ reaction to the water will ensure they take a lasting positive image back home with them.

A boosted image as an investment in the future

More and more guests truly care about sustainability, vitality, fitness, and well-being – GRANDER® helps you live up to these expectations. With GRANDER®, you can offer a special extra to your guests that sets you apart from your competition and that either further explores your enterprise’ s potential or gives it a finishing touch. GRANDER® water revitalization could be the cherry on the cake that makes your guests want to keep coming back. It could be a factor contributing to customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty and could also open up your enterprise to a new target group.

Economic advantages of GRANDER®

  • contributes to boosting your image
  • expresses your appreciation for your guests
  • increases customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty
  • improves your customer retention rate
  • opens up new target groups of guests and customers
  • adds value to your enterprise
  • provides a finishing touch to an already well-developed business concept
  • makes your enterprise stand out among competitors
  • caters to your customers’ wishes

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "A healthy life begins with revitalized water."


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