Johann Grander

Johann Grander @ Daniel Schaefer Johann Grander
Together with his father, Johann Grander has led the destiny of the company since 1989, and is responsible for the following areas today:
  • Management
  • Brand Management
  • International Distribution
  • Computer & System Management
  • Company Security

Johann Grander has the same skilled craftmanship as his father and also manages the mine as well as the historic mine Copperplate on the company's premise in Jochberg.

Johann Grander's commitment:

"My father laid the foundation of our company more than 30 years ago.  It is a great honor and commitment for me to lead this company successfully in the future."

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Microwaves disturb the earth's natural vibrations."


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