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More wellness for your guests: GRANDER® simply makes you feel well

Vitality & Well-being | Hospitality Industry / Spas / Sports / Health-Care Facilities AquaVitalis
GRANDER® water revitalization brings a whole new level of softness to tap water, making bathing and showering so much more relaxing while being gentle to skin and hair.

What is more, thanks to its outstanding, soft, and natural quality that makes it so gentle to skin, revitalized GRANDER® water is highly suitable for your pool: perfect conditions for your guests to truly enjoy their swim.

Refreshing inside out: GRANDER® helps your guests regain their balance

Furthermore, GRANDER® water revitalization helps people feel balanced and full of energy in manifold ways. Revitalized water relaxes tense muscles, helps people unwind, and enhances their general well-being when consumed or used for bathing. GRANDER® water is also beneficial in therapeutic sessions, where it unfolds a regenerative effect. Finally, GRANDER® creates a pleasant atmosphere in rooms.

Advantages of GRANDER® with regard to well-being

  • increases well-being of guests drinking high-quality revitalized water and eating food prepared with GRANDER® water
  • makes taking a bath or shower a pleasant experience
  • makes skin smoother and hair softer
  • creates optimal conditions for carefree and relaxed swimming and bathing through high-quality, natural, and soft pool water
  • helps people unwind and relax tense muscles
  • fosters the inner balance
  • creates a pleasant atmosphere in rooms
  • supports therapy, treatment, and regeneration

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "If people only realized that earth is a living being, they would approach it very differently."


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