Johann Grander´s Life

Johann Grander´s Life

Moved. Nature-loving. Modest.

As a truck driver, gas station operator and cement mixer Johann Grander from Jochberg looked after his family of 10 many years ago.  He had his hands full.

But yet, one day he decided to follow his calling and to completely commit himself to his experiments.  They soon led him to the topic that changed his whole life and that of his family's, namely water.

Nowadays revitalized "GRANDER water" has become a daily part of hundreds of thousands of users' lives, a part they cannot do without.  It is also successfully used in areas such as private homes, swimming pools, ponds, wellness facilities, hotels, agriculture and the industry as well.


Marriage & Family

His life was very colourful: he was a truck driver, a gas station operator and for a short time he was active in local politics.

Gas Station Operator

In 1963 Johann Grander become a gas station operator in Jochberg, that soon became a popular meeting place.  The work at the gas station was very hard and impacted his joints.

New Orientation

Johann Grander didn't want to fit into given structure.  So, in 1978 he gave up his job and spent a lot of time on meditation and reading.  He followed a path of spiritual and mental further development.
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Everything on this earth is simply borrowed."


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